Sunday, February 3, 2008

An Axolotl Friend

I finally recorded my new song about Piña! I actually put effort into this one. I wanted to add a clarinet solo, but I don't know if the world is ready for that yet.

Sweet Green IcingAn Axolotl Friend

Red feathery gills that
Frame a smiling face that sucks up
Small wiggly worms who live in a tub
That sits in the fridge
A small plate in the tank for a bed and
A big mug for a cave, just peek
Inside and
Piña is there, he's looking at you
He's saying hello
Piña will never set
Foot on land but he'll be my friend
From ghosty white to pink and warm
He'll rescue me from any storm
I see him in my dreams and in the end
I have an axolotl friend
(end chorus)
Now white as a strip of lace he
Sits content in his tank
What surprises will
Piña bring next?
He's swimming around,
His gills like a lion's mane

So yeah. That's it. If anyone's into music theory, I played around with keys a little bit. The first chord is A minor, but then it acts like it's in C, and then it goes into V/V (A major into D7) then into G, and the chorus is A major with a mixture chord, d minor.

I think it sounds cool! And it really does follow the rules of tonality. Not that I was aiming for that but everything I write just happens to go in that direction.




Seraphine said...

Pink and warm? As in grilled?

By the way, nice song.
You sing it earnestly.

Name: Stephy said...

Pink and he changes colors when he gets active.

I'm glad you like it! :)