Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pros and Cons of the Week So Far

  • Got a 30/30 on my ELL student/site profile. That's good. I agree that it was amazing work. I'm glad it paid off.
  • Got a new bed yesterday. It's really high up and comfy. I slept so well last night. It's amazing what raising the elevation of your sleeping area does. And it's so big!
  • I talked to my dad yesterday.
  • I talked to my mom yesterday, too.
  • My friend (subject of last blog) gave me a really nice hug yesterday. He smells like rain. We watched fun French music videos after.
  • I played some amazing brass music (the Pinkham Christmas Cantata).
  • I found out that I still remember how to play trombone, and I led a trombone sectional at my school site.
  • I got a free muffin because my friend works at the bagel place.
  • Got a 1/3 on my first Service Learning log. I was looking at the rubric the whole time I was writing it. I know I had a few things that were a 3. Can't we just have an average? I thought. I cried for hours.
  • My cat still has fleas. I wish it would get better.
  • The reason I talked to both of my parents last night is because my sister tried to commit suicide. Not implied it...not faking. She really tried. I don't know what to think about this.
  • That's also the reason my friend gave me a hug.
  • I was late to the Pinkham cantata rehearsal. I thought it was at 8, and it turns out there was a 7:00 rehearsal for brass only. I ran in, totally confused, totally ashamed and embarrassed that I had gotten the time wrong.
  • Content Area Literacy is a ridiculous class, in which we were just assigned a group project, in groups organized by content area. Too bad I'm the only person in my content area. The sad part is, I know it's an important class. The teacher is just really terrible.
  • I took one bite of the muffin and felt something hard between my teeth. It was really, really hard, so I spit it out. I found bits of glass in my hand. I showed my friend. He said he'll tell the bakers about it. I said he should probably get rid of the other muffin, and he agreed and did so. Good thing I didn't have to pay for it. And good thing I chew my food. This is obviously a sign that I should eat fewer muffins.
It's a beautiful afternoon and I don't really know what to do with myself. I think I'll go for a walk downtown, and think about buying things, but not actually buy anything because I have no money.


RamblingHutch said...

Oh my god Stephy D., I'm so sorry about your sister! That is heartbreaking! I know what it feels like to be in that position, and you feel so helpless. I hope she gets through whatever it is she's dealing with. Love!

Stephy said...

I hope she gets better soon too. Thanks for your kind words Katie!