Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bread of my Dreams

Once again, may I say that I love my mentor teacher, she is my hero in life, and I am the luckiest student teacher ever. And my mom was right when I was 16 and she told me I have a charmed life. I am overwhelmed by the ways I am fortunate. Typing that sentence out made me cry a little bit. Not in a sad way.

I haven't been journaling for the last two weeks. But it's been a really important 2 weeks for me! I'm a different person now.

Here are some things.

  • I got a bike! From a lady off Craigslist! For $60. It's Barbie-shoe purple. (Actually her brunette friend Teresa wears purple, so it's Teresa-shoe purple.) And. I rode it around yesterday and figured out that the brakes really severely need adjustments, as do the cables that make the chain shift to a lower gear. But, I also figured that out all by myself. And I figured out the things I should do to change this. This will happen. I will ride to Freshwater.
  • I substitute-taught last week for the first time. It wasn't so bad! The kids were really nice. (They also knew me already, but whatever.) I will eventually get money for doing this.
  • I've discovered the bread of my dreams. Shut up. It takes me minutes to decide what bread to get every time I buy bread. "Classic Light Bread" is only $3, organic, and the only ingredients are water, whole wheat flour, yeast, salt, and oats. And it is freakin' delicious, and substantial, and chewy.
  • My concert black pants are now comfortable again.
  • I'm arranging "Summertime" by Gershwin for the jazz combo at the school where I'm student teaching. It will be epic and specific to the needs of that group.
  • I got my summer dream job--assistant camp director in charge of all-camp programs and leadership. And they even changed it around so it's built specifically for my strengths. It feels damn good to have skills people want so much they'll change a job description for you.
  • I get financial aid after all. Because my mom was denied for a parent loan. And it's way more than I've ever received before. Suck it, HSU. I am legit. (Why would you think my parents have money if I have two sisters, and a mom, who are all also students?)
The Depot is now playing "Be a Man" from Mulan. Life is good, and everything will be okay, and I love that there is a mentor in my life who believes in me, validates me in my weak moments, and works with me every day at the coolest job in the world, being a music teacher.

Better go get ready for the Eureka Symphony concert!


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Stephy said...

Holy moley, and now they're playing "Be a Man" in Chinese. By the way, it's the year of the rabbit, which I am. I'm a fire rabbit. And it's 2011. And I was born on the 11th. If that doesn't insinuate that this is my year, I don't know what does.