Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do Pandas Have Tattoos?

It took me so freaking long to figure out how this could work. But I've finally got it. For your instant gratification. :)

Sweet Green IcingDo Pandas Have Tattoos?

Well, here it is. My first song. Not my first ever. But my first recording. Sorry my voice isn't the best ever. I'm not a vocalist, I'm a musician. I mean, an instrumentalist. At least I am always on pitch. I got A's in all four semesters of ear training.

Anyway, I was nervous about the recording thing so that's more like my talking voice than my singing voice. I also didn't realize how horribly California I sound. I'm sorry. People just talk like that here. It sounds retarded, but that is the California way. (By retarded, of course, I mean totally awesome, dude. Trippy. Righteous?)


Today I woke up wondering
Do pandas have tattoos?
And then I wondered,
Do the tattoos also have tattoos?
And then there was a neverending cycle
Of pandas having tattoos.
But then I realized,
That there is no way
That pandas have tattoos
Pandas have fur!
They have fur!
But because they're endangered,
They probably have piercings.


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