Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm sooo freaking tired. My new schedule works in theory but I have to remember to bring food and eat lunch before. I have a solid five-hour block of class (two of which I'm standing most of the time, playing trumpet in jazz orchestra) on Mondays that starts at 11. I stumbled home around 4:30...maybe it's the entire summer's worth of drinking and late nights finally catching up with me. I had this weird funny headache all day that made it hard to move my eyes around much...

Maybe I'm coming down with something? I would laugh. If I got sick on Wednesday it would be the third, first Wednesday of school in a row that I would have missed from suddenly getting sick, and then being okay the next day (except the first time, two years ago, I was sick on the third day of school from strep that technically stayed with me for two weeks, but I was totally functioning the next day).

But you know, that would suck to be sick. Let's just not.

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